About Ayana Energy

Ayana Energy is a LED lighting company that is 100% Indian owned and operated.
We are an ISO 9001:2015 company, based in Hyderabad with operations in Telangana, Andhra and Karnataka. LED energy efficient lighting will revolutionize lighting in India as it provides significant energy savings throughout the lifetime of the product.

Ayana Energy prides itself on its well-experienced team; the team’s approach to engineering and manufacturing of LED lights ensure that the lights integrate a host of innovative features and have top-notch quality.

Clever design and innovative thinking are central to our drive for efficient and aesthetic LED lighting products. Each and every product designed at Ayana Energy is subject to hours of scrutiny, rigorous testing and evaluation, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and standards.

Made in India
At Ayana Energy, we pride ourselves on being Indian Made. Ayana Energy’s entire product range – Domestic, Architectural, Industrial and Commercial – are manufactured and designed in India, using the best quality components, sourced from both local and overseas suppliers.

Lighting Design

We provide lighting design for sites – either new or existing, residence or commercial setup, based on dimensions and other factors. Our experienced team comes up with a Lighting Design that is suitable for your site. This design ensures effective lighting up of the site as well as effective energy usage,
Simply send us your site layout & allow us a site visit; we’ll get back to you with an
optimum lighting proposal that combines both indoor and outdoor lights.

Return on Investment

LED lights cost more that Incandescent or CFL lights. However, they are financially beneficial in the long run and offer relatively short Return on Investment (ROI) periods. This is mainly because (a) they consume less power when compared to Incandescent or CFL lights (this implies lower power bills), and (b) they have comparatively longer lives (hence, low recurring costs of repairs and replacement)

At Ayana Energy, we provide personalized ROI plans that ensure returns in short time frames.

Why LED?

LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’. As indicated by its name, a LED is a diode that emits light. It is basically a semi-conductor device that allows current to flow in one direction only. When low voltage electricity is passed through the LED, energy is released and it emits light.

Benefits of LED Lighting